Elite sports

Before working with Wendy I was struggling to cope with the amount of pressure I was putting on myself and I was finding it difficult to understand what was driving me to do this. I was afraid of not being good enough. I wasn’t sure what to do to help me feel more relaxed about my sport as well as in everyday life. I was always pressuring myself to be better and I didn’t have much self-belief, but Wendy is helping me move closer towards believing in my own ability. Wendy has helped me begin to accept that everyone has negative thoughts but they don’t need to be destructive. She has helped me think about my sessions differently by giving me several things to focus on, so I don’t feel I have failed if I haven’t hit one certain target. It was the way Wendy helped me understand what was driving my behaviour, such as my perfectionist traits, that allowed me to come to terms with how I was feeling. She made me confront the challenges in my mind rather than hope they would just disappear. I have found that these new insights and ways of thinking allow me to get something positive out of every run and session I do. This is because there isn’t just one aspect that defines success or failure. This has helped me step forward in my athletic journey. Wendy is such a personable and caring person who understands what drives an athlete to want to succeed. I am able to talk to her about problems I face, both in and out of sport.

(Hannah Irwin, N Ireland athlete)

Team presentations

We at Star Diving were looking for someone to come in and run an evening with our divers to talk about mental health and well-being. We have found that our younger population have struggled throughout lockdown with so much changing in their world and them themselves growing up and going through changes. We feel that this had heightened many mental health and well-being issues in our younger population, and we felt an obligation to help our members. We were put in touch with Wendy through a parent. Wendy is very well experienced in this area of Sport Psychology and understood our concerns and was more than happy to help. Wendy created a presentation around mental health and wellbeing in areas which were relevant to athletes of this age group and may have been exaggerated and heightened during this time of difficulty and change. We were so pleased with how Wendy approached the subjects and made sure to use case studies from both male and female athletes and gave options for help and support for both genders. It is so important to open up the conversation and start talking about these subject matters with our younger generation in order to build a healthier and happier population. Wendy was on board with this ethos and made sure to run the presentation through with both the head coach and welfare officer to make sure that everything we wanted was included and understood. Thank you so much Wendy! 

(Star Diving Club)

Executive coaching

I was referred to Wendy via a contact of the Royal Surrey County Hospital to provide some invaluable online coaching during the pandemic. The NHS was under a lot of pressure and the resilience of myself as a leader, and the team, were under strain. I recognised the importance in keeping myself on top of things, especially when juggling home and work life.

Wendy provided a number of sessions for me to have the space to discuss what was on my mind and bothering me.  The structure of the sessions were not set and Wendy encouraged me to lead the conversation around what was important for me at the time. Wendy provided the valuable time for me to talk, and was attentive to what I was saying. She had a skill of opening up the conversation further to enable viewing a situation from a different angle that helped finding clarity around what can sometimes feel like a field of ‘worries’. 

I would definitely recommend Wendy as a coach for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or struggling to see the ‘wood from the trees.’ I felt very comfortable in her company.

(Royal Surrey County Hospital trust, Senior Manager)

Run coaching

A couple of years ago I signed up to run the Windsor half marathon having never run before. It was for charity and I thought it could be a fun challenge. However, 10 weeks before it was to happen I still hadn’t run and quite frankly, I had no idea how to get myself from barely surviving running 1km to comfortably covering 21km. Thankfully Wendy stepped in. She provided me with a detailed training plan, with each week sent out on the Sunday. It was clear, easy to understand and began from exactly the right level. Without the plan and her guidance, I doubt I would have managed the half marathon. Fast forward to now and once again I have enlisted Wendy’s training help. As a slightly more regular runner I decided attempting a marathon could be a good lockdown project. Wendy has been providing me with a training plan that is designed to fit around my other commitments to ensure that I am able to complete it. Having structure to my runs, and ensuring that I don’t over/under do it, has been unbelievably useful. In the past I have tried to follow training plans from online and in books, but I have lacked the motivation to complete them, struggled to understand the jargon, and been unable to fit the training in around my other commitments as a result of their inflexibility. Wendy’s training guidance combats all of this and I cannot recommend her enough.

(H. Cooper)

Professional sports

Jamie Jones, professional snooker player