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Coaching is the art, science and practice of facilitating change in human behaviour. It is a collaborative process that identifies your habits and skills, which can help you reach your goals through a guided process of exploration. As a wellbeing and performance coach, I am here to be that guide and to support you in pursuit of your dreams and (if it should arise) in helping you deal with crisis.


My approach is centred on giving you the tools to achieve optimal mental and physical performance. With a holistic approach to wellbeing, I help you connect mind, body, and emotion so you fulfil your potential. As you develop awareness of your cognitive strengths you will learn to master your mind, tune into your body, and understand the messages your emotions are sending you to learn how to adjust your emotional state to improve your well-being and optimise your performance.

I work with clients across the spectrum from recreational athletes and busy executives trying to bring balance to their lives and stop the feeling of languishing, to professionals and elite athletes looking to improve their performances.


Having started my career in corporate law, before taking a break to  focus on raising a family of four children, I followed my passion in the science of mind and behaviour, completing a MSc in psychology followed by further postgraduate study in the emerging fields of positive psychology (the science of optimal performance and human flourishing) and coaching psychology (the science behind facilitating insights into creating shifts in our thinking and behaviour).

I have been active all my life, having played international hockey as a teenager, and am  now an avid runner (with a sub-3 hour marathon PB) and cyclist, as well as a UK Athletics qualified run coach and leader in running fitness. As a result, I see very clearly the connections between physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing which permeates every aspect of my approach.

I have a particular passion in sport and athlete performance and welfare but clients come from all backgrounds and my experience in corporate law and large organisations helps inform my executive coaching (both team and individual).


I am a Coach registered with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and working towards Chartered status as a Coaching Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

I comply with the Global Code of Ethics of EMCC which provides guidelines, accountability and standards of conduct for members and the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the BPS which contains the professional standards that members of the BPS should hold. I work under regular supervision with a Chartered Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist supervisor.


University of East London (2019-21)

MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

Guildford College (2018-19)

Counselling (Interpersonal) Skills NCFE Level 1 Award

University of Surrey (2015-16)

MSc Psychology

Certifications & CPD

 UK Athletics Leader & Coach in Running Fitness

Certified canicross instructor

The psychology of self in coaching

The psychology of race in coaching

Blue-green psychology: coaching in the outdoors

Creating psychologically safe environments for performance and wellbeing

Neuropsychology coaching

Suicide Prevention Summit 2021

Neuroscience of Change: transformational coaching


Roberts, W. & Ertubey, C. (2021). Flow the wu-wei way: a thematic analysis of charity runners' experience of wu-wei in enhancing wellbeing and flourishing. Manuscript submitted to the International Journal of Wellbeing for publication.



Member of the British Psychological Society​

Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Member of the International Network on Personal Meaning 



Image by Red Zeppelin on www.redzeppelin.co.uk
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